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Sivatherium giganteum Randa Parade The Matriarch An Elegy for Rhinos Giraffa camelopardaliss Portrait of Poruchik Anatoli Volosatyy Okapi Love The Cloudephant Fuzzy Gorgosaurus Serpent Figure Life Drawing Untitled Nude Untitled Gesture Exhausted Nude Misc. Figures Candid Cafe Sketches Gorilla Skull Gharial Einiosaurus Young Tyrannosaurus African Elephant Teddy Hippopotamus Grizzly Bear Rhonda Coffee-Shop Woman Design Construction Worker Design Shovelman The I-Scream Man Rhino Expressions Secretary Bird Turtle Concept Stegosaurus vomitus from the Santa Monica Promenade Marine Biology Cormorant Expressions Tetra Podcats Serpiiken Exhibit Serpiiken Exhibit Backdrop Autumn

To see more up-to-date stills, sketches, and experiments please periodically check for updates by following my blog.